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Unitrax Differentials recently worked on a case study involving a customer who owned an off-road truck. The customer was experiencing issues with their differential, specifically a leaking seal and a loud noise coming from the rear end. The customer reached out to Unitrax Differentials for assistance, and their team of experienced mechanics quickly diagnosed the problem and provided a solution. They repaired the leaking seal and replaced worn-out parts to eliminate the noise, ensuring the customer’s off-road truck was back in top condition.

In another case study, Unitrax Differentials worked with a hot rod enthusiast who wanted to improve the traction of their vehicle for better performance on the track. The customer wanted to upgrade their differential to a limited-slip differential to enhance control and stability. Unitrax Differentials expertly installed the upgraded differential, ensuring a smooth and seamless integration with the hot rod’s existing drivetrain. The customer was thrilled with the improved traction and the noticeable difference it made in their hot rod’s performance on the track.

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Jessica Simon

Unitrax Differentials is the go-to company for all your differential needs, providing top-notch service and expertise that exceeded my expectations.