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Unitrax Differentials recently had the opportunity to work on a classic car differential that was experiencing a leak and noise. The owner of the car was concerned about the damage it could cause and wanted it fixed as soon as possible. Our experienced mechanics quickly diagnosed the issue and determined that a differential rebuild was necessary to fix the leak and noise. Using only the highest quality parts from trusted brands, they were able to successfully rebuild the differential, eliminating the leak and noise and restoring the car’s performance.

In another case, a customer brought in their off-road truck to Unitrax Differentials for a differential upgrade and limited slip installation. The customer wanted to improve traction for off-road driving and enhance the truck’s overall performance. Our knowledgeable mechanics recommended a differential upgrade and installed a limited slip differential, which allows for better traction on uneven terrain. The customer was thrilled with the results, as the truck now handles off-road conditions with ease and provides a smoother ride. Unitrax Differentials continues to be the go-to differential specialists in Corona, CA for all types of vehicles and repairs.

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Jessica Simon

Unitrax Differentials is the go-to company for all your differential needs, providing top-notch service and expertise that exceeded my expectations.