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Are you tired of getting stuck in the mud or snow? Our 4WD upgrades are here to save the day! With our top-notch modifications, we’ll transform your vehicle into an unstoppable beast, ready to conquer any terrain. We offer a wide range of upgrades such as lift kits, heavy-duty suspension systems, and powerful off-road tires, all designed to enhance your 4WD experience. Say goodbye to getting stuck and hello to endless adventures!

Our team of experienced technicians is passionate about all things off-roading, and they know exactly what it takes to make your vehicle perform at its best. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a hardcore off-road enthusiast, we’ve got the upgrades to suit your needs. From upgrading your axles for increased durability to installing locking differentials for superior traction, we’ve got you covered. Don’t let rough terrain hold you back any longer – let us take your 4WD to the next level and get ready to experience the thrill of off-roading like never before!

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Jessica Simon

Unitrax Differentials is the go-to company for all your differential needs, providing top-notch service and expertise that exceeded my expectations.