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Services we provide

Expert Differential Repairs and Upgrades

  • Comprehensive Differential Care: From repairs to upgrades, and even ratio changes, we offer a full range of services to keep your differential in top shape.
  • Convenient Options: Choose between drive-in or bench service to suit your needs and schedule.
  • Performance Enhancement: Unlock your vehicle’s potential with our performance and competition differential development services.
  • Optimized for Off-Roading: Get the right traction with our 4×4 differential ratio changes, perfect for off-road enthusiasts.
  • Positraction & Limited Slip: For enhanced performance in racing and off-road, we off installation and upgrades to help distribute power to the rear wheels and helps them spin at the same speed.

Rebuild Differentials: Transforming Vehicles with Precision

Unitrax Differentials helped a customer with a leaking rear end in their classic car, providing expert repairs and using high-quality parts for a reliable fix.

Off-Road Performance: A Differential Success Story

How Unitrax Differentials helped a customer improve traction and fix a rear end noise in their off-road truck, resulting in better performance on the trail.

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